This is me.

Photo by Josh Owens Photography

Photo by Josh Owens Photography

Hey there! I'm Abby, the maker behind Heart Over Hand.

Heart Over Hand is a collection of my personal creative endeavors. I am a certified K-12 visual arts educator in Memphis, TN (born and raised) with a passion for making art as well as teaching it. While my heart beats for illustration, I find joy when dipping my hand into many different forms of expression. Fun fact: I also do aerial acrobatics, specializing in the aerial silks. Creative movement is an incredible outlet for a variety of emotions and experiences. Not to mention, it's great exercise! When I'm not drawing, teaching, or flying through the air,  you may find me writing for the Heart Over Hand blog, mining for gold at local thrift stores, or listening to my current favorite song for the 58th time. 

Photo by Josh Owens Photography

Photo by Josh Owens Photography

My Inspiration

When creating a new piece of art, there are several sources I repeatedly find inspiration in:

  • Animals

  • Humor (I love puns)

  • Plants / Nature

  • People I know

  • People I observe around me

  • Nostalgia

  • Tattoo design

My Media

While I have explored many avenues of art creation, I currently enjoy:

  • Pen and Ink

  • Watercolor

  • Printmaking - Linocut

  • Digital Illustration

My Motivation

While I draw (pun intended) inspiration from my own experiences and interests, there is no greater motivator than exploring fellow creatives and what they are producing. With much thanks to social media, I find a new piece of art that stirs me almost daily whether it's a painting, a print, a blog, a photograph, or a Youtube video. There are so many different creative outlets today that provide influence, challenge, and excitement for my own art. I feel fortunate to live in Memphis, a city quickly growing as a bustling hub for makers of all kinds.  A piece of advice: support your fellow creatives and allow them to support you.


  • Madewell | March 2019 | Featured work: Denim Duo illustrations | Madewell’s online zine, Denim Diaries.

Photo by Josh Owens Photography.

Photo by Josh Owens Photography.

Thank you

Let me take just another minute of your internet time to say "thank you". Truly, sincerely, honestly. So often I tend to have much more faith in those around me than in myself.  Yes, it's the itch, the need, the swirling in my head that causes me to create. However, it's the love, the support, the cheers, and the encouragement of those around me that causes me to show what I'm creating to the world. I hope you enjoy. 


All photos on this site taken by Josh Owens Photography are credited underneath the image. You can view his other work here