Art for you.

Bringing my own ideas to life through illustration has always been satisfying and therapeutic to me. However, there is something fulfilling about creating a piece of art specifically for you. Yes, you. Or your mom, your brother, or your best friend since kindergarten. Nothing beats the excited comments from clients when they see the portrait of their dog for the first time or their own creative concept turned from idea to ink. 

Photo by Josh Owens Photography

Photo by Josh Owens Photography

Interested in commissioning custom Art? Want to collaborate?

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My experience is as follows but not limited to:

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  • Pet Portraits

  • Home Portraits

  • People Portraits

  • Botanical Illustrations

  • Tattoo Design

  • T Shirt Design

  • Album Art

  • Enamel Pin Design

  • Sticker Design

Pet Portraits

By far my most popular commissioned pieces are pet portraits. I’ll illustrate dogs, cats, lizards…any type of pet (or favorite animals) of any kind! These pieces are created using both pen and ink and watercolor. My most popular sizes are 5x7, 8x10, and 11x14, but I am happy to work with other sizes.


To commission a pet portrait, email me at with the size(s) you’re thinking, whether or not you want the pet’s name, and a few good, clear images of your pet that you’d be happy for me to work from!

Home Portraits


Another popular commission request is the home portrait. As someone who enjoys attention to detail, these are super fun for me to create. I love adding the final touches and brush strokes that really make the painting feel like the warm and inviting home my customer is looking to remember forever. Like my pet portraits, these make great gifts, especially for people who are moving or have a special bond to their family home, lake house, or cabin. My home portraits are made in similar sizes and materials to my pet portraits.

To commission a home portrait, email me at with the size(s) you’re thinking and a few good, clear images of your home that you’d be happy for me to work from!

Check out some of my past commission work below.